Can't Stop Me
Ms. Xeranthemum
Can’t Stop Me is a story spiced with a race against time flavored with light suspense and drama, which made the perfect background for a successful and entertaining romance. It was a fast read because I simply couldn’t put the book down. Ms. Dale has created an interesting world in such a small space and balanced all the necessary elements needed to make a well-told story. I think the concept of a middle man is genius, and I hope Ms. Dale lets us explore her world some more. 

his short story was great! I always believed that if demons and angels did exist that they would struggle with different levels of good and evil. It's an internal struggle for some and for others it is just ingrained. Our characters go on the run from pure evil. A creature that has never known love. But can Luca save Kern? Or will she end up sacrificing him so he isn't dragged back to hell? This was a delightful tease into the author's version of the struggle between good and evil and leaves you wanting more. Especially with that hot intro! I love being quite literally thrust into a good story!

Sweet Restraint

The Romance Reviews
I absolutely loved this book even if it was a fast paced development of a relationship. I loved the interaction between Gavin and Savannah; they just seemed so compatible. Wow, the passion, the romance, the way that Gavin makes Savannah feel is just wonderful. He makes her feel so loved and cherished but they both maintained so much restraint it is unbelievable. This is my second read of Becca Dale and I can say I will continue reading more of her books. If you want a romantic read with some laughs then this book is for you. 

Sizzling Hot Reviews
Sweet Restraint is a very sweet contemporary romance with just enough heat to make you blush.  

Sweet Temptation
Two Lips Reviews 
Becca Dale’s Sweet Temptation is a not-so-perfect girl’s dream novella. This book is for every woman who is not stick-figure-thin and has dreams of meeting the perfect man. He is out there, girls. Trust me on this. Ms. Dale captures the reader right off the bat with her mouthwatering descriptions of Marc, and from there on out, you’re hooked. The heat levels between the two just about combusted my laptop. My only complaint is that Sweet Temptation was over too soon. Becca Dale just added herself and her other works to my to be read pile.

I wasn’t familiar with Becca Dale’s work until this story, and man, I waited too long. This story is just what I was looking for when I wanted something hot, sexy, and realistic. Her heroine is tough, but fragile and her hero, though a tad blunt, is pure male and very handsome. Although I realize it’s a short little tale, I loved it, but wanted more. I wanted to know what happened afterwards and didn’t want to let this couple go. I got involved in their lives and that’s what made it powerful. I felt like I was there with them.

Erotic Healing
Dark Haven Book Reviews
Ms. Dale’s writing is exquisite in the sexual scenes between Kostas and Brenna as he struggles to control his growing passion and maintain his emotional distance while using sweet sexual torment to help Brenna break through the physical and emotional barriers preventing her from getting past the accident and living again. These scenes are graphic, intense, but also, extremely touching.

There is a happily ever after for Brenna, although for a moment I thought Madame Eve had lost her touch. I haven’t read any of the latest entries in the One Night Stand Series. I hope the later ones are up to par to those I have read and reviewed thus far. I can only say my addiction to the One Night Stand Series continues. Heaven help me, I’ll be broke by the time I read them all.
This review is from Amazon: Erotic Healing (1 Night Stand Series) (Kindle Edition) Like all Becca Dale books this one I loved, she is fast becoming a must read author for me. The characters Brenna and Kostas are wonderful crafted and Kostas is the Hero of my dreams. If you are looking for a great book and a great new series, then check out this one by Ms Dale and I haven't read all the 1NightStand books yet but those I have, have been worth the time and money to read.

From Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Erotic Healing is more than I was expecting for a quick read. Emotionally involved characters, some bondage play, and a twist on the love triangle concept make Erotic Healing a good example for other 1 Night Stand stories to live up to (this was #3 in the series after all). I liked that even “perfect” people have flaws, and I’m not talking about any scars but mental issues here. Learning to cope with our problems is a human condition we all can relate to and is what makes Erotic Healing appealing regardless of the situation. 


From Sugarbeat's Books
I like this short sexy story.  It has tough and sexy cowboys, buckle bunnies, unrequited love and rodeo in those sweltering days of August.   Lily and Thor have a history that got interrupted in the middle and needs to have a finish put on it.  The author does a great job, in not many pages, of outlining the history that binds all these characters together.  She does an outstanding job of painting the scene at the rodeo with enough clarity that you can almost taste the dust!  One tough cowboy works to find a way to keep his lifetime love from leaving him again.
Pick up this book to give you your cowboy fix.  It’s a quick and sensual read!

From Read My Mind
UNTAMABLE was a good spicy read that was infused with sexual attraction, as well as soul-deep love. The story of Thor and Lily played out in a well-paced manner, and never felt rushed or abrupt. The end left me feeling that I had been privy to a peek at a small portion of the two characters lives. Can I say how much I loved the rodeo setting?

From Whipped Cream Reviews
I loved that we could feel a wide range of emotions in this tale which made it easier to quickly connect with all of the players involved. The secondary characters were also loveable and intriguing. These combinations make for a very entertaining read. I would have no problem recommending this story to my reading group or my friends. I read it from start to finish in one setting and I must say, I am really looking forward to reading future stories written by the author.

So gals, are you “hankering” for a wild cowboy ride with plenty of heat? Well “shucks ma'am” pull up your Stetson and settle down with Untamable. What can I say?.... Cowboys! Yummmmmm!!!!

Surrender at Sea
From RomFan Reviews
Well slap me in suntan lotion and rev up the engines! This tale of romance on the high seas has a tough as nails female body guard and a hunky junior lover who adores stirring up more than just her anger.

This story had a quick pace and lots of romantic action. The ex-husband gives you the creeps and makes you want Jess to deck him! This is an excellent tale, one you should definitely pick up for a quick read.


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