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Dirty Birdies Flock Hop - leave a comment to win


Dirt Devils
Cowboys at the Rodeo
My Mind


What do these things all have in common? Well they're DIRTY and that's what the Dirty Birdies Flock hop was supposed to be about, right? 

Oh, wrong kind of dirty?

Okay, well it is also western week at Decadent Publishing so I should promo my western, but it is actually a little sweeter than most of my stuff. With a bunch of brothers' and a ghost looking over their shoulders, this couple didn't have much chance to get busy. Although when they do, it certainly brought mutual satisfaction. Speaking of satisfaction, for the sake of dirty, let's look at my newest release - Sweet Satisfaction. But remember to scroll down and leave a comment for a chance to win one of two $5 gift cards to the book store of your choice. If I get at least twenty comments, I'll expand the prizes.


He walked around to stand behind her once more. Her weight rested on her hips where he had stretched her over the upholstered chair back. Needing to touch more than he wanted to play, he ran his hands over her curvy ass, so white and plump. A groan welled in his throat. If he failed, he’d never have the opportunity to claim her. He bent and bit her lightly, scrapping his teeth over the pale rounded flesh. She moaned and her back arched toward him, flashing him a glimpse of her hot pink folds, glistening with renewed desire. “Tell me what hurts, Kate.”


The muddled response triggered a grin. “You said you were sore. Where?” But he knew. He’d focused most of his attention on her tiny clit and tight pussy. He doubted she could handle much more in those areas.
The negative shake of her head provided her only answer.
Kneeling, he leaned forward and blew across her damp flesh. She jerked when he grazed her clit with the tip of his tongue. Her squeal confirmed his suspicions, but he had no intention of aggravating the tenderness further—at least not there. Shifting to a more comfortable position, he spread her ass cheeks and licked her tiny rosebud.

Kate jerked in response. “No. I don’t—”

“Yes. You’ll like it.” He edged closer, slicking his tongue over her, prodding, lightly invading her hole before nipping at her again. “How often have come in your sleep from thinking about this? Of being bent over, helpless and vulnerable, of a man taking you from behind, shoving his thick cock into your ass while you cry out and beg him to be gentle even though you want it rough? The idea of giving yourself to someone you can’t control thrills you as much or more than the sense of the forbidden. Doesn’t it?”

Fear squeezed Kate’s chest. He was right, in her nightmare fantasies, the pain nearly blinded her, but still she woke wet and trembling, coming down from orgasm. “Please, I can’t do this.”

“Give me your safe word and we’re done. Until then, we’ll test just how wild you really are, my little cat.”

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Meet Dana Littlejohn!

Hello everyone!

For those who don’t know me, I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual and erotic romance. I am a native New Yorker living happily in Indianapolis, Indiana. My husband and I are empty nesters and loving it. We travel and try to do all the things we wanted to do when our children were little. At the time we didn’t mind giving them all our time and making sure they did things because we knew when they were out the house we would still be young enough to do stuff and old enough to appreciate and enjoy them.

Though I still work a full time job, with just us at home and no children I have plenty of time to write. I have written many short stories and a few novellas, but I never had the time to concentrate on a full length novel. Earlier this year I finally completed that task. My first full length novel, The Fun House will be out in ebook and print this summer.

I truly enjoyed being a full time mother, but I must admit being a part time parent is so much more fun. I get to be Dana again, write as much as I want and hang out with my husband going places and doing things without worry of if we have the money or who’s going to watch the kids. LOL For those who aren’t there yet let me assure you that not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel it’s so bright you’re going to need shades! 

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a little better. I would like to give you a peek into my first full length novel, The Fun House.

Diamond Jones hasn’t had the greatest luck when it came to the opposite sex so hasn’t dated for two years. Her best friend, Tia, comes to visit and decides that fun is going to be their top priority for the weekend. To achieve her objective, Tia enlisted Kain Williams and his friend Trey. Will the men help or hinder the women to obtain their ultimate goal? Or will Diamond’s biggest fears in life prevail?

“Good evening, ladies. I am Cassandra.”
Cassandra’s fair skin looked pale against the bright red glasses she wore low on her nose. Her pale orange hair was twisted into an old fashion bun at the top of her head. The crimson satin trimming her black corset made the freckles on her face and shoulders stand out. A large ruby resting in the cleavage of her large breasts caught Diamond’s eye. It twinkled in the bright light of the room making her wonder if the jewel was real and not.
“Wow,” Diamond said, under her breath.
Tia whispered to her as they walked over to the woman. “I hope I look that good when we get older.”
“Thank you, Sissy, you may go now.” She reached over the desk and shook their hands. “Welcome to the Fun House.”
“Thank you. I’m Tia and this is my friend, Diamond.”
“Ahh, yes, the ladies Miss Jessie spoke of. Do you have the card? I’m sorry, but she won’t be here tonight. She said she’s caught up with something else and has asked that I extend her greetings and hospitality to you.”
Tia handed it over and the woman swiped the right bottom corner through another scanner. She looked up from a screen and smiled.
“Wonderful! Come, darlings. Let me take you to where you can change.”
Diamond’s eyes grew wide as Cassandra stood and led them through a door just beyond her desk. Now that she was away from her desk, they could see her outfit in its entirety. Along with the corset, she wore nothing but a matching thong, black thigh high stockings and patent leather stilettos.
Diamond stared at the walls embarrassed. Tia noticed her reaction and smothered her titters behind her hand while shaking her head. At the end of the long hallway, Cassandra opened the door to let them into a small locker area.
“The locks are hanging on all the lockers. The ones with the keys still in them are available. When you are done changing, follow the same hall back to my desk and I’ll have a guide waiting for you,” she explained, then left them alone.
“Well, this is different,” Diamond said in monotone.
Tia unzipped her shorts. “Different doesn’t mean bad.”
Diamond pulled off her shirt. “Yeah, well, I don’t think Joyce or Jessie lives here. I don’t think anyone lives here,” she added, panic tainting her words.
“No, I don’t think so, either. What I do think is if everyone is dressed like Cassandra, we will be grossly over-dressed in our tank top and biker shorts,” Tia told her with a laughing grin.
“That’s not funny. I’m not so sure about this, Tia.” She stopped undressing and sat on a bench.
“Lighten up, Diamond. I don’t think anyone is going to attack you. I don’t get that vibe in here. Let’s stay long enough to check it out, at least. If you really hate it, we’ll leave. Who knows, you may actually have a good time.”
“Well…okay. But when I’m ready to go, promise me we’ll leave.”
Tia threw her right hand in the air. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, scout’s honor. Now let’s go.”
“Yeah, right. Like you were any kind of a scout,” Diamond mumbled, finishing dressing before following her.
They retraced their steps. Cassandra beckoned them over when they emerged from the hallway.
“Come darlings. I want you to meet Isis. She will be your guide.”
Isis, a beautiful young, African American woman, wore a silky white toga type dress. The front hung low showing off impressive cleavage.
“Hello, ladies.”
“This is—” Cassandra started, but Isis held up her hand to stop her.
“Cassandra, please let them choose a name first and I’ll call them by that.”
“We have to pick another name?” Diamond asked, looking between the woman and Tia. “Why?”
“Because we prefer to protect the identities of those who wish their identities to be protected,” Isis explained, handing Tia a silvery mask. “Because of that, only the staff goes unmasked.” She handed her a black feathered one.
“Are we hiding?” Diamond asked nervously, accepting the mask.
“No, of course not. In this house, every fantasy and any fantasy can take place. Some people’s fantasies are a little wilder than others and they may be embarrassed by them.” She smiled. “They could be our lawyers…”
Tia and Diamond exchanged a look.
“Our doctors, teachers…” Isis continued.
Another look.
“Or even our next door neighbors and grocery clerks. They come here so they can watch, indulge, fantasize or just have an uncomplicated no strings attached sexual encounter and then go back to their everyday lives without being judged. It’s for them that we asked all visitors to wear masks.”
“I see your point,” Tia said adjusting the mask over her face. “I wish I could’ve chosen a cool name like yours. Do names often repeat in here?”
“Yes, of course. But just like outside it’s the person and the personality that makes me different from another Isis that is here.”
“Hmm, how about Delilah? I always thought that was a pretty name,” Tia suggested.
“It’s beautiful and what about you?” Isis said, turning to Diamond.
“I don’t know, I don’t think I can do this,” she replied nervously.
“Oh, come on, girl. We already discussed this. I promised,” Tia said, pouting.
Diamond let out an exasperated breath. “Oh, all right. How about,” she paused in thought. “Ruby?” she finally said and put on the mask.
“No, girl, uh-uh. Don’t use your mom’s name. That’s just nasty.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” She chuckled. “Okay, what about…Sapphire?”
“Hmm, I like it.”
“Good, shall we begin our tour?”
Isis took them down another long hallway. At the end, she pushed passed wooden beads serving as a door to the entrance of another room. She stood in the doorway giving them time to absorb the atmosphere. Delilah and Sapphire both gasped as they walked into what seemed like another world.
The dim lighting and intoxicating smell captivated her immediately. A small stage was erected along the back wall. A plethora of different color lights bounced off its polished surface as a woman danced. The music was loud enough for the dancer to hear, but not loud enough to drown out any normal conversation. Several chairs were stationed around it. Groups of tables and chairs filled with onlookers lined the wall.
To her right, a long buffet table stood guarded by a man dressed in only black shirt cuffs on his wrists, bowtie and a white apron. He smiled, but she turned away. Delilah tapped her, and pointed ahead of them to a lounge area. On a long couch sat four naked people kissing and pawing playfully at each other. At the end of the couch, a topless woman accepted a drink from a waitress, dressed in a black and white French maid outfit.
“Wow,” Sapphire whispered.
“Shall we go to the bar?” Isis stepped down the two steps into the room, not waiting for an answer.

Coming soon to Secret Cravings Publishing!

Interested in other books by Dana Littlejohn visit her

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Meet Tessa Berkley

            Hi everyone, today we have Tessa Berkley with us to tell us about her Historical Western from The Wild Rose Press Castillo's Fiery Texas Rose. Good morning, Tessa.  
             Good Morning all, I'd like to first thank Becca Dale for having me today. 
             You are more than welcome, Tessa. Glad you could drop by. Please tell readers a litte about yourself.
           My name is Tessa Berkley and I've just had the pleasure of releasing my fist book with The Wild Rose Press entitled Castillo's Fiery Texas Rose, a historical western romance.
            Why historical westerns you ask?
            All my life, I've felt drawn to the American west. The power of the men and women who dared to tame a wild land, to take on nature, or their fellow man when most lived by their own creed governed by their own rules or lack of rules completely intrigues me. So, it should come as no great stretch that I studied history at our local University. 
            For those of you who have picked up a copy of Castillo's story, you've probably already noticed that Trace embodies several characteristics of famous actors. He is a U.S. Marshall aka Matt Dillion. He has a roguish smile similar to Henry Darrow of The High Chaparral. But most of all, he is a man of honor. I think he gets that from John Wayne. 
            Trace is a bit cynical. He's seen the world at its worst and had his heart broken.  He opens the story by running afoul  of our heroine, Mary Rose Thornton. A hot headed Irish lass who could  be played by Maureen O'Hare.  Trace tells Mary Rose's brother, "Women cause trouble on the trail." He just doesn't know what  he's in for.  I'll leave you with a bit of Trace Castillo and Mary Rose.


            Trace spied a bench partially hidden beneath the boughs of a willow tree. “Over there.” He motioned with his hand and escorted her to the bench. “Sit.”
            She sat down and looked back. “What is so important, Marshal, that you brought me out here, away from my guests?”
            “Miss Thornton,” he began, “do you think it’s advisable to return to the freight office?”
            The air filled with a stunned silence. “Excuse me?” she whispered. He detected a hint of laughter with her disbelief. When he didn’t speak, her eyebrow rose in mild contempt.
            Trace’s mouth pulled to a straight line. “You have experienced the tragic loss of your
brother, whom you clearly adored, not to mention being injured. Surely, you don’t expect to walk into—”
            Her hostile glare stopped him cold. “Go on.”
             He recognized the trace of contempt in her voice. Her eyes were cold and stormy, and he knew he stood on dangerous ground. But she was being pigheaded, and he intended to prove his point. “A freight office is a place where men hang out, rough men. The type of men who would walk over you as soon as look at you.”
            She rose to her feet and stood nose to nose with him. The faint scent of vanilla surrounded them as, eyes ablaze, she lashed her words like a whip. “Don’t you dare tell me it’s not my right to work,” she hissed. “My brother may be dead, but I own that freight company. It is my blood, my sweat, my life!”
            “Your life,” he scoffed. “Your death, Miss Thornton, if you keep up with this foolhardy attempt.”
            She flashed him a look of disdain. “You pompous windbag.” Her nostrils flared and color crept into her cheeks. “Don’t you preach to me! I intend to honor my brother’s memory by making Thornton’s the best freight company in Texas.”
            Her fire set his blood aflame. Any other woman would have run in the opposite direction. In defiance, she stepped closer, glaring up at him, the color of her eyes deepening from blue to deep indigo. In their depths a sparkling of fire leaped and could not go unchallenged. Unable to control his movements, Trace reached out and grasped her by the waist, his broad hands nearly spanning her middle.
            “Oh, yes.” His words tumbled over his lips, deep, throaty, and laced with desire. “You’ll make a name for yourself. Every unmarried man, every scoundrel, and every hot blood in southwest Texas will turn up on your doorstep. They will watch the tilt of your head, the sway of your skirts, and try to catch the shimmer of fire in that fine head of hair.”
            Beneath his stare, her eyes widened. Not from fear, but with understanding of what his words meant. He searched her face but didn’t hold back. “They won’t stop there,” he continued, pulling her toward him. “Not until they have a taste of heaven.” He felt the warmth of her hand upon his chest setting the skin below it aflame as she tried to push him back. Ignoring the pressure, he leaned closer. Her mouth opened to signal a protest, and before she had time to stiffen her arm and push him away, his lips descended upon hers.
The Wild Rose Press (e-book)
The Wild Rose Press (print)
All Romance E-books

            Please look me up on Facebook and on Twitter @tessa_berkley

            You can even join my newsletter by clicking over to my website and following the links on the first page. Stop by and say hi. I'm in a pretty generous mood today, so one lucky commenter on this blog will win a copy of Castillo's FieryTexas Rose. So be sure and leave your email addy so I can get in touch with you.


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Garland and Gould: Becca Dale Talks about Her Sexy Shifter Story: Kya...

Garland and Gould: Becca Dale Talks about Her Sexy Shifter Story: Kya...: Debbie : ( Hands up around back of neck, tying on a huge plastic bib with two red lobsters on the front of it .) I’m so ready for this! To...

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Just for Fun!

Sweet Satisfaction is now available! 

Ryan's Treasure is Coming Soon! 

So let's party. 

Here's your chance to win the first in the Sanctuary Series or One of the First Two from the Sweets or anything from my back list OR you could win a $10 gift card from the vendor of your choice.

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My name is Sarah Grimm, and I’m an addict

Hello, my name is Sarah Grimm, and I’m an addict. I read my first romance when I was twelve years old. I don’t recall the title, you think I would with something that changed my life so dramatically, but I don’t. The title doesn’t really matter does it because it was just the beginning for me? That one book led to another, then another. Pretty soon I was devouring romances like my life depended on them. Somehow, I didn’t see anything strange about that.

Barnes and Noble
One day my mother walked into my room without knocking and she caught me reading. I dropped that book so fast, tucking it under my thigh so she couldn’t see the cover! But I wasn’t fast enough. My mother knew what I was doing – reading romance in a ‘mystery’ house.

She kept an eye on me after that, locating all the paperback and hardcovers in my closet and under my bed. She told me I had a problem. I told her I couldn’t stop – even to make her happy. Instead, I lured her into my world. I gave her her first romance, then her second; her third. She is stronger than me – romance never took control of her the way it did me.

I began reading romance everywhere: curled in the corner of the couch while the family watched television, in the back of the classroom while the teacher talked biology. I didn’t need to learn biology, I had romance novels. I couldn’t get enough – the promise of happily-ever-after, of love being enough to heal all wounds. *sigh*

Barnes and Noble
In no time at all my addiction grew stronger. Just reading romances wasn’t enough. Suddenly I had this urge, this new and frightening, uncontrollable urge…to write. I wasn’t strong enough to resist. Who is? I began carrying a notebook with me everywhere I went. A notebook I filled with dialogue and partial chapters, story ideas and possible titles. Some days it got so bad that the world around me faded away. While others enjoyed the sun or the lake, I wrote.

It’s hard for some people to understand, this addiction to romance. I’ve endured the odd looks, the smirks, and even those that say “You’re poisoning your brain with that stuff.”
Well guess what, if stories that celebrate falling in love, emotion and commitment are poison, I don’t want the antidote. I love the stuttered heartbeats when the hero and heroine first meet, the gut punch of sexual awareness. My heart races with the sweetness of that first kiss, and the momentary panic over the realization they’ve fallen in love. I thrive on the idea how even at the worst of times, at those moments when you least expect it, two people can find love.

Yes my friends, I’m an addict, and happily-ever-after is my drug of choice.

where dangerously sexy & happily-ever-after collide

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Garland & Gould Talk Love & Curses

Debbie: Good morning all.
L.J.: Sorry, I’m late. Here’s your water. I’m glad the coffee shop had the brand you like. 
Debbie: Thanks. Today we are at the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, to meet with Ben Walker. Ben will be featured in each book of our Cursed Ink series.
L.J.: Mmm…wow, this is amazing coffee!
Debbie: Focus, Laura!
L.J.: Right. Um, yes, our first book is Love & Curses, and it seems Ben has been a bad boy. He’s gotten himself cursed and now has to watch all these different couples get their happily ever after.
Debbie: But we’ll let him tell you more about all that.
L.J.: Absolutely!

DEBBIE: Well, hey, Ben. Good afternoon. Glad you could take the time to meet with us.
L.J.: Yes! Great to talk to you at last.
BEN: Ladies.(nods head) Always a pleasure to chat with you two.
DEBBIE: (turns to Laura and shakes head) Soooo, we’re chronicling your life here.
L.J.: And the stuff that happens around you. You know, to the people you meet.
DEBBIE: Right. So, readers want to know how everything started.
BEN: How what started?
DEBBIE: Weren’t you cursed or something?
L.J.: Yeah. How did that happen? I mean you had to have done something really bad….
BEN: (rolls eyes) You’re talking about Calista.
DEBBIE: Yes! Tell us about your relationship.
BEN: What relationship?
L.J.: The two of you dated, right?
BEN: Yeah, but there was nothing to it. I don’t do relationships.
DEBBIE: What do you mean by that?
BEN: Look, I'm young, in the prime of my life. Does it make me such a bad guy to shy away from commitment? There's a heck of a lot of fun out there to be had.
DEBBIE: (cocks an eyebrow) So, you just use women for your pleasure?
BEN: No, it's not like that at all. It’s always a mutual thing. You know…just sex.
L.J.: Riiiiight. And Calista?
BEN: A miscommunication. Plain and simple. I thought she understood the no-strings thing. She thought I wanted more. When we realized we weren’t on the same page, we called it off.
DEBBIE: That’s not how I heard it.
L.J.: Me either. But anyway, how did that turn out for you?
BEN: It was fine. We went our separate ways.
BEN: Her screwy Gypsy aunt. The old lady had to get involved and did some hocus pocus curse on me. (shakes head) I don’t even believe in that stuff. But there has been a lot of crazy shit that’s started happening.
L.J.: Like what?
BEN: Well, I saw Calista almost get killed. Course her boyfriend—
DEBBIE: Husband.
BEN: Oh, yeah right. Well, he was her boyfriend when it happened. Anyway, he saved her. Barely.
L.J.: What else?
BEN: Weird lightning in a clear night sky. Umm…you’ll think I’m crazy, but when the old biddy was doing her mumbo jumbo stuff, I thought I was going to freeze to death. It was some strange shit for sure. But I don’t believe in curses.
L.J.: And how’s that working for you?
BEN: Fine.
DEBBIE: So you left New Orleans. Why San Antonio?
BEN: It was time to leave and I had a friend that had some extra room for me in his shop, so why not? Having a great time out here hanging with my bros.
L.J.: Anything strange happening there?
DEBBIE: Yeah. Any more lightning or freezing spells?
BEN: It’s all good. (grins) How ‘bout you, darlin’?
BEN: You free to hook up?
L.J.: O.M.G.
DEBBIE: (holds up hand) Engaged.
BEN: So, no knot has been tied yet?
L.J.: (leans toward Deb) I think he’s avoiding the curse subject.
DEBBIE: (laughs) Me too.
BEN: Nothing to avoid. There is no curse.
DEBBIE: You just keep telling yourself that.
L.J.: So, what about Calista. What happened to her?
BEN: Oh, she finds her love and has a happy ending.
DEBBIE: And you?
BEN: That's a totally different story altogether. You two put me through the ringer.
L.J.: Oh, we’re so sorry about that.
BEN: No you’re not.
L.J.: Okay. So, we’re not.
BEN: I guess I'll see in the next couple of stories what you two do to me.
DEBBIE: Oh, you will.
BEN: Just so you know, I'm holding out for my own book.
DEBBIE: Really?
BEN: Yeah. Figure it comes down to the count. See who wins. Me or the old Gypsy.
L.J.: Hmm…tough choice.
BEN: (snickers) In the meantime, Andy and Calista have quite the story to tell.
L.J.: That they do.
DEBBIE: Well, thanks for talking with us, Ben.
L.J.: Yes! It was all very…enlightening. Okay, I guess we'll be hearing more from you.
BEN: You bet you will.

Debbie: (watches Ben leave down the walk) Damn. How the heck are we gonna make him likeable enough for his own book. I mean, I know his is the last story, but he’s got some serious learning to do before he’s ready for that.
L.J.: Torture. Make him suffer. Eventually, he’ll see the light.
Debbie: Umm, he HIT on me!
L.J.: Of course he did! I’m not surprised one bit. I hope your man knows he’s one lucky guy.
Debbie: Well, duh. (chuckles)
L.J.: I’m outta coffee. Walk with me, chickie. I’ll buy you a cupcake or croissant or something.
Debbie: I’d rather have a daiquiri. We could take one of those boat rides down the river and talk about the evil ways we can torture good ol’ Ben. Whip him into shape. I have so many wicked ideas.
L.J.: What a coincidence. So do I!


Love & Curses
Cursed Ink Book 1

Calista Page always gives her heart to the wrong guy. The latest one gives her a tattoo before he dumps her to move on to his next conquest. As she falls apart from yet another failed relationship, her sexy, steadfast neighbor holds her. Why can’t she find a guy like him?
Successful restaurant owner, Andy Mitchell pines for the girl next door. Tired of being her go-to guy, he decides to tell her how he feels. But fresh off her latest rejection, he wonders if he can convince her that this time love will last.
“Death is after you,” Calista’s crazy aunt warns. After cursing the tattoo artist who broke niece’s heart, she fears the black magic has splashed over to her. Gypsy mumbo-jumbo or not, Andy’s instincts kick in, but with Death determined to take Calista’s life at every turn, can Andy unravel the secret of Love and Curses before it’s too late?

Genre: Paranormal romance, suspense/thriller, erotic romance
Heat level: 4
Word count – 18k
Cover art by TygraPro Designs

ARe https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-lovecurses-1036532-140.html

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It's Not Too Late!


Giveaway celebrating the release of the latest in the Sweet Series runs through June 2. Don't miss out on the fun. Prizes include 2 - $5 Amazon gift cards, 1 Special Goodies basket from me to you, and 1 - $10 Amazon gift card.

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