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Meet Heather Long

Please welcome the very talented Heather Long to Meet the Author Monday. 

Heather’s love affair with books began at a very young age. Taking journeys around the globe and across the stars were available with just the turn of the page. Her affection with the written word deepened as she got older. Becoming an author seemed a natural progression, she’s still courting the written word, but now she takes the lead on it.

Fun Facts about Heather

She writes in multiple genres including:
·        Military Romance (Always a Marine)
·        Contemporary Romance
·        Urban Fantasy (Earth Witches Aren’t Easy)
·        Paranormal Romance (Into the Spotlight)
·        Paranormal Historical Western Romance (Fevered Hearts)
·        Romantic Suspense (The Fortunate Buddha)
·        Erotic Romance (Forbidden Legacy)


At varying times in her history she dreamed of working as an investigative journalist, a clinical psychologist, a pilot, an astronaut, a teacher, and an attorney.  All of these contributed to her desire to write—she wanted to help others and touch lives as the books she read growing up touched hers.

She’s an animal enthusiast, and is often teased about her “straydar” for all the stray and lost dogs she’s found and either given a home to or returned to their owners (if she could find them).

She started a reader group called Fevered Fanatics on Facebook for her paranormal western historical romance series—which funnily enough began as an idea for a novella that has since grown to include four full-length titles with three more planned.

When it comes to her favorite books, it’s the characters that bring her back to read them over and over.

About Heather's Marines
Writing Always a Marine is the realization of two dreams—a series that lets her return again and again to familiar faces while focusing on the service of our men and women in arms.

Discover more about Heather and the Always a Marine series:

The eighth installment in the Always a Marine anthology in 1Night Stand (1NS)line for Decadent Publishing. 1Night Stand is the business name of an exclusive online dating service run by Madame Evangeline who provides her clients with a possibility of happily ever after or happily for now.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Author Jessica E. Subject

One of my favorite authors and an outstanding woman to become acquainted with is the dynamic Jessica E. Subject. Everywhere Jessica appears she brings a smile and sparkle. It is great to have you here today, Jessica.

Thank you so much, Becca, for inviting me on your blog! It’s a pleasure to be here.

Hello everyone! I guess I’m here to talk about myself, which is something I really don’t like doing. But, this is Meet-the-Author, so let’s get started.

For those who have never heard of me before, I write romance that is generally either science fiction or contemporary. My first published title was Celestial Seduction, a 1Night Stand story, and my most recent releases are Accidental Romance and Made For Her. In my stories, I like to explore the idea of love not being limited by boundaries. I’ve written characters with Alopecia Areata, acid burns to their face, amputations, and have included aliens and clones. Because I believe that everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after.My stories range from sweet to erotica, so there is something for everyone.

While I’ve been writing stories, and creating lives of characters in my head ever since I can remember, it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave with my second child that I started writing in the hopes of publication. At the time, my daughter was in kindergarten, and absolutely hated the idea of reading. She’s one of those kids that if she can’t comprehend things the first time, she gets so frustrated. A chip off the old block. LOL Anyway, I thought if I wrote a book about something she was interested in, she might actually want to read.
It worked. She now reads above her grade level, and in a second language. She loves reading, and when asked what she wanted for Christmas this year, her answer was always “books.” Though some relatives had a hard time understanding why that’s all she would ask for.

And I kept writing. But my stories were no longer for children. I wrote about superheroes that turned into aliens without any super powers, and falling in love with people from Earth, or just having sex with them. It was almost like therapy for me, as I was terrified of aliens coming to Earth. The fear came about after watching the movie Signs, and living in the country surrounded by corn fields. But my writing helped me to get over that fear, and I haven’t stopped. I don’t plan to, either.  

Leave a comment with your email address for your chance to WIN book swag from Jessica  E  Subject 's new releases.  Contest is international.  Winner will be notified by email on January 26, 2013. Good Luck! 

Readers can find me here:

Made For Her Blurb:
After terrorists murder the love of her life, Colonel Mikayla Jones trains squadron after squadron of the clones he brought to life, to take to the skies. When she discovers a young clone of her husband in her newest class, her world spins out of control. How can she command the look-a-like when she can’t help but yearn for him to fill an ache in her heart?
Dare was created to be the best. As the first Daniel clone to leave Onatria labs, he needs to prove he is more than just a DNA copy. To do that, he must rely on the wife of the man who donated his genes. But when she refuses to train him, Dare faces discharge and returning to the labs. Can he convince Colonel Jones to finish his training and find a way into her bed? Or will long kept secrets unhinge the entire clone project?

Available from Decadent Publishing and other ebook retailers.

Accidental Romance Blurb:

At twenty-two, Leanne Declan has graduated from college and hopes to take over the family farm until a tragic accident changes her life forever. Unable to do the simplest everyday chores, she must depend on her family and friends as she learns to face life’s challenges. But when her fears threaten to destroy her future, can an unexpected love be strong enough to help her dreams come true?

Available from Decadent Publishing and other ebook retailers.

From Decadent Publishing
1Night Stand
Another Night, Another Planet (coming soon)
The Edge
Another Night, Another Planet (coming soon)
The Underground
Single Titles

Indie Titles
Alien Adoration (coming soon)
Free Read

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Meet the Author Monday Returns!

 First guests are LJ Garland and Debbie Gould, whose talents and creativity make them stand out among the crowd. Please make them feel welcome.

L.J. Garland:
Though born and raised in the south, L.J. Garland has lived on both the east and west coasts. She adores traveling, the latest adventures added to her Bucket List: Machu Pichu and Australia’s Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.
Married to her best friend for over twenty years, she spends her time home schooling three rambunctious boys, editing in the epub industry, and writing stories that she hopes catches her readers’ imaginations as much as the characters and plotlines captivate her. In her spare time (what there is of it LOL), she has a multitude of hobbies, including building archery equipment from scratch and creating stained glass. She has a passion for anything that goes Boom! …from fireworks to high-powered combat rifles…it’s all good. She and her husband are both rated helicopter pilots and spent their 10th anniversary flying cross-country from east to west coast…an adventure she highly recommends.

Debbie Gould:
Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, at the age of two Debbie and her mother moved to New Jersey, spending many happy years on her grandparents' horse farm. You'll sometimes find this setting as a backdrop in her work.
As a teenager, she and her mother found a new home in Vermont, where she currently resides. With a daughter in the Air Force (along with Debbie's six-year-old grandson), and two sons working for the family Well Drilling business, Debbie now shuffles her time between a full time job as a nurse and her writing career.
About seven years ago, while looking at over three hundred treasured books lining her shelves, she realized there was a multitude of stories of her own clamoring for release. Since then, she's seriously persevered in keeping the keyboard in constant motion.

L.J. Garland and Debbie Gould have been writing together for much so, that they've reached the point where they finish each other's sentences. Which is great, because it saves time. They love brainstorming new ways to torture their characters and hope readers enjoy their stories. Find out what's in the works at their shared blog, Garland and Gould. 

In My Sights

A 1Night Stand Story
Pararescuemen Series – Book 2

Six months ago, Siobhan Cantrell’s world was changed forever by a sniper’s bullet. The incident transformed her from a secure confident woman to a recluse, afraid to leave her own home. When her friends urge her to re-enter the world of the living, they suggest Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand dating service. Nervous, she signs up and learns the company is renown for in-depth background checks and safe encounters. So, how dangerous could it be?
Sergeant Bobby Martin has witnessed Madame Eve’s magic firsthand. His teammate found true love through her service. Still a skeptic but giving in to peer pressure, the Air Force Pararescueman signs himself up. When he meets Siobhan, his doubts fly out the window—unfortunately bullets start flying in them. Determined to protect her from a sniper that won’t give up, Bobby vows to keep her safe. As their chemistry ramps up, so does the sniper’s attempts.
Can Bobby keep Siobhan alive, or will the killer catch them in his sights?

Genre: Contemporary, military romance, erotic romance, suspense/thriller
Heat level: 4
Word count – 16k
Cover art by Fantasia Frog Designs


“Look, I’m not gonna lie to you.” He loosened his hold on her while he perused her face, settling on her mouth. “I wasn’t sure about this one-night thing to start with, but after seeing you…well, I can definitely follow through. No problem.” He shifted his attention to her face, the naked heat swirling in his baby blues causing her breath to catch. “But after what all you told me, I want you to know I get it. We can play this thing any way you want. Fast. Slow. Or I can just hold you.” He trailed his fingers up and down her arms, sending delicious tingles along her skin. “Though I’ll admit, that’s not my first choice.”
She stared at him. God, he was such a gentleman. Without hesitating, she lifted onto her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck, crushed her mouth against his, and…holy crap, what a kiss! Her pulse jumped, her head spun. A fire sparked deep inside her, and her breath caught at the passion winding through her. She didn’t know what she’d been expecting exactly, but not anything like this.
Before she melted into a puddle at his feet, she broke the kiss and gazed up at him. “Does that answer your question?”
A sexy grin curved his lips. “Yes, ma’am.”

Love & Curses

Cursed Ink Book 1

Calista Page always gives her heart to the wrong guy. The latest one gives her a tattoo before he dumps her to move on to his next conquest. As she falls apart from yet another failed relationship, her sexy, steadfast neighbor holds her. Why can’t she find a guy like him?
Successful restaurant owner, Andy Mitchell pines for the girl next door. Tired of being her go-to guy, he decides to tell her how he feels. But fresh off her latest rejection, he wonders if he can convince her that this time love will last.
“Death is after you,” Calista’s crazy aunt warns. After cursing the tattoo artist who broke niece’s heart, she fears the black magic has splashed over to her. Gypsy mumbo-jumbo or not, Andy’s instincts kick in, but with Death determined to take Calista’s life at every turn, can Andy unravel the secret of Love and Curses before it’s too late?

Genre: Paranormal romance, suspense/thriller, erotic romance
Heat level: 4
Word count – 18k
Cover art by TygraPro Designs


“I thought we were on the same page here, Calista.”
Bright gold eyes turned toward him. “I thought we were, too.”
“Good.” He trailed his fingers over her collarbone and down to her chest where he drew lazy circles over her damp, bronze skin. Damn if she hadn’t ridden him like a female jockey. Got them both across the finish line, too. If only she’d had a whip—
“I just don’t understand why we can’t go out to a restaurant and have an actual meal together.” She sighed, her breasts rising and falling enticingly. “It’s not like it’s a big deal.”
Not a big deal? One meal turns into two, and next thing, she’s picking out fucking china. Hell no. Ben gave her his special smile—the one that more than one girl had admitted made her panties wet—and ground his pelvis against her thigh. “C’mon, baby. We’ve had two weeks of fun, why ruin what we have by getting dressed? Le’me order us a pizza.”
“It’s been ten days.” She shoved him away and sat up.
He nodded. “Yes, we’ve been eating way too much pizza. Chinese. How about Moo Shu Pork?”
Scooting her long legs over the side of the bed, she perched on the edge of the mattress with her back to him, shoulders hunched. “So, what is it? Do I embarrass you or something?”
Ben scrubbed his hands over his face. This was exactly why he didn’t care for relationships. Games, wordplay, the struggle for control, insecurities—all of it a waste of time. Amid that were about three hours of hot, sweaty sex—sometimes more if the girl he was with understood the score.
Calista did not.
“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re gorgeous.” He moved closer to her, the thin sheet sliding away and the cool air wafting over his heated skin. As he reached to brush her long black hair to the side, a shudder coursed down his back. “And the tat on your shoulder makes you sexier than ever.” He trailed his fingers over his work, the tribal-style bird he’d inked two weeks—no, ten days ago. “My little sparrow.”
She twisted toward him. “So, you think of me as something you can keep caged?”
He bowed his head and squeezed his eyes closed. Damn it. Here we go. “No. Nobody’s caged. No one’s controlling anyone else.” He lifted his gaze to meet hers. “That’s the point.”
Her jaw tightened, and she swallowed. “So, all I am is a good time, right?”
“You sure sounded as though you were having a good time when you were riding me like there was no tomorrow.”
Her expression darkened, and tears welled in her eyes. Aw, hell

Sins of the Mind

Red River Series

Seven years ago, Abby Montgomery survived a brutal attack. Now she is ready to put her pain in the past and move on with her life. The problem is, one by one the men in her life are being viciously murdered.
The detective assigned to the case, Ethan Parker, has demons of his own to hide. As the danger gets closer to Abby, so does Ethan. But can they get past his secrets before the killer gets to them? Sometimes the sins of the mind are more depraved than the sins of the heart.

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, suspense, thriller, romantic suspense
Heat level: 4
Word count – 87k
Cover art by LFD Designs


“Moment?” He raised his eyebrows, tried for a surprised expression. “We were having a moment? Where was I?”
A husky laugh escaped Abby’s lips. She gave him a playful shove, but he caught her hand, his fingers encircling her delicate wrist. With great care, he bowed his head and pressed his lips to the center of her palm. Her sharp intake of air told him she liked it.
“Is this the moment you were referring to?” He kissed her wrist. “Or this?” His mouth grazed along her skin, up the side of her neck to the tender point below her ear.
“Mmm.” She shivered.
He inhaled, reveled in her unique scent. A mixture of spicy vanilla and exotic flowers invaded his senses and sent the room slowly spinning. Primal lust roared through him, demanded he possess her in a rush of carnal passion.
But Ethan resisted.
Intent on enticing Abby into a wild, heated frenzy, he trailed the tip of his tongue along her throat. Her pulse hammered beneath his ardent attention, and he reveled in her response. His fingers slid over her supple skin. One hand sought the silky tresses adorning her head while the other coaxed her legs across his lap and then slipped around her waist.
He pulled back, stared into her lovely face. Eyelids fluttering, she sighed in his arms. When she looked at him, desire burned bright in her eyes. His heart stuttered at the sight, and hot need rushed to his groin.
“Abby.” Her name rolled from his tongue in a mix of desperation and lust. A voracious hunger to taste every inch of her body washed over him. The urge to kiss the small of her back, to run his tongue along her skin, delving and dipping into her secret, sensitive places, all but overwhelmed him. “Tell me to stop. If you’re not ready, honey, tell me to stop right now and by all that’s holy, I will. But you need to know how much I want you right now.”

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Meet the Author Monday

Meet the Author Monday is returning. After way too many months, Meet the Author Mondays is returning with flair. We will kick off  January with LJ Garland and Debbie Gould. This dynamic duo has some great book together. Also appearing this month are equally charismatic and lovely Jessica E. Subject and Heather Long. All four of this month's guest are authors whose work I enjoy, and I think they will impress you with their talent. So don't miss out - mark you calendars and pop by every Monday to see who's visiting and who's on deck. Never know when you might find your next favorite author.

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