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Mistletoe Madness - Kindle Fire Giveaway


Merry Christmas 

Happy Hanukkah

 Happy Kwanza

Lovely Yalda

Happy Yule

 Blessed Solstice

Happy New Year.... 



There seems to be a plethora of holidays in the heart of winter. But no matter what you celebrate, it is a time to look forward and to appreciate what we have, to see the value of family, and to share our blessings. So I want to share with you. As part of the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop, I will be giving away reader's choice of my winter releases, Jingle All the Way, Ice Crystal, or The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door, as well as a personal gift for the winner. Contest runs Dec. 14 through Dec 21 so you have seven days to win. Participants may be international.

So how do you win? Well, you may enter in a few ways but all involve leaving a comment and a way for me to contact you. If you would like to do all four, you will be entered for each and quadruple your chances to win here. If you like me on facebook or follow on twitter, I will have a way to reach you without having to leave your email addy, but be sure to comment either there or here so I know that you are in the contest.

1) Leave a comment about your favorite holiday tradition or comment on any of my books you have read.
2) Like me on Facebook  and then tell me here or there that you did so you get credit.
3) Follow me on Twitter and then let me know here or there so you get credit.
4) Go to my website and come back here or leave a comment there on one thing you liked or disliked about the site.

And that's it. Four ways to win here today. AND just in case you haven't done your shopping yet, or you haven't bought something special for yourself, be sure you hop to the other blogs. More than 50 Participating Authors with prizes along the way and a fantastic grand prize. For the grand prize, click here to enter and follow the instructions. That's it! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I'm glad you're here and hope you take a moment to look around. Decadent Publishing's Give a Reader a Reader is a special kind of giveaway - a present with a bonus. I love it when there is something a little extra and in this case is it is far from little. When a bonus pops up within my writing that is a special treat as well. 


A Story Within a Story
As the holidays approach and the world gets a little crazy, I am thinking about all the things that make me smile. Mostly family comes to mind, the fun, the annoying, and even the slightly off kilter relatives that always seem to pop out of the woodwork for the big holidays. I’ll always remember the first time my quiet and conservative husband met my family. All he could say was, “They’re so loud.”

What else should I have expected from a man whose relatives speak to the person directly across the table or on either side. No shouting across the room. No spontaneous games of pillow football. And heaven forbid, no unplanned wrestling matches. The unexpected that pops up whenever my relatives gather always seemed like a bonus to me. With the hub’s family, we know what to expect: quiet chatter, good food, a gentle catching up—which is nice, don’t get me wrong. But with mine, a feeling of expectation hovers, that Christmas morning edge no matter the time of year. Will Cousin Kelli finally bring a guy younger than her father to the party? Will Uncle Blake and Uncle Cain slip a bit too much brandy in the eggnog and get Grandma tipsy? Such gatherings are never dull. We have much the same things as at my husband’s gatherings, tons of good food, laughter, a time to catch up, but the sense of what will happen next can’t be ignored. And that is a special thing to me. After more than a quarter century of married life, my quiet, gentle man is now usually smack dab in the middle of whatever chaos occurs, a giant grin on his sexy face as he shouts across the room and encourages complete abandon and unmitigated joy. Have to a man who can be the well-mannered engineer in one setting and the favorite crazy uncle in the next. Who could ask for a better bonus than that?

Perhaps that is part of the reason I adore a bonus. It’s like opening a gift and finding not only what you had hoped for but a little something unexpected and sweet that the giver has slipped in just because he knows you’ll love it. That’s the way I feel when a story emerges within a story. The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door demanded that the hero solve an old mystery surrounding his new home. The locals all claim that an axe-wielding ghost haunts his property, but he doesn’t believe until she comes to him in his dreams. Jake struggles to find a way to help her find peace without losing himself to her pain.


The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door Blurb

Tired of chasing his family’s need for money and power, millionaire Jake Wescott heads to Freewill, Wyoming and the beautiful piece of heaven that calls to him.

The girl next door, Christa Dunham puts family first, and she’s determined to protect them from the city boy before he ruins their hunting grounds or steals her heart and then walks away when the lonely nights get too long.

Neither of them expects the attraction that pulls them together nor the lost spirit who wants to drive them apart. Confronting the past leaves them both anxious to find a love beyond a lifetime.

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Forget it, Wescott. It was a dream.” He spoke aloud, hoping he would believe it, but when sleep returned, so did the nightmare.

He stood in the corner of a small, dimly lit cellar. The rock walls crumbled in places, and the air felt damp. He shivered when a rat scurried past. The door opened, and a dark haired man entered dressed in Puritan clothing. The stranger carried an old-fashioned lantern in his hand. The additional light revealed a fragile looking woman huddled on a thin pallet against the opposite wall. Her clothes bore the signs of repeated struggles, and bruises marred her fair skin and emphasized her large gray eyes. Jake could not understand the man’s mumbled words, but he could clearly hear the girl and feel her stress as if it were his own.
“Please, let me go. I promise no one will ever know. Please!”
Her words became sobs, her body a trembling mass. He wanted to comfort her, to protect her, but he could not move, his boots frozen in place. When the other man crossed the room and jerked the woman to her feet, fear escalated to hysteria. She fought hard, screaming and clawing at her attacker until he slapped her. The blow slammed the girl’s head into the stone wall.
Appalled, Jake could only stare helplessly. The beating continued until the assailant shoved the woman on the pallet and fell over her, struggling to hold her down while he fumbled with his trousers. Sickened, Jake forced the dream away, unwilling to witness what came next.

He awoke calling the woman’s name, but when he tried to repeat it, it hovered unclear on the edge of his mind. Adrenaline filled his system, making his hand tremble. He drove his fingers through his still damp hair, seeking to calm the anger and frustration circling in his head and gut. Although the clock said it was barely dawn, a faint light filtered through the windows. There was no chance in hell he could go back to sleep. Jerking on a pair of running shorts and a clean T-shirt, he woke Bud and headed out the door. With luck, a run would blow away the feeling of disgust the dream had left behind.

Don't forget to leave a comment for an extra chance to win. In addition, one commenter will win choice of a Western Escape title. 
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Blog Tour coming

Just for fun blog tour for The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door with free prizes and an ultimate prize at the end of TRR's YES party and Decadent's Nook & Books.  So at what does that mean? Well, join in on the fun for the following tour and you could win an eBook at each stop. Then drop by here anytime between Nov 15th and Dec 15th and sign up to win an eBook bag designed to fit the Amazon Kindle and smaller. Follow the links to the big parties as well.

3rd December
Guest blog
4th December
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5th December
Zara Stoneley
Guest blog
6th December
KD Grace
Guest blog
7th December

Review and excerpt 

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Freewill - Western Escape: Happy Halloween - may the spirits be with you!

 It's RELEASE DAY for The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door from Decadent Publishing.

Freewill - Western Escape: Happy Halloween - may the spirits be with you!: I used to tell my children ghost stories every Halloween. In fact, they would beg for them. “Tell us a real one, ...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Dose of Decadence: Do you believe in Ghosts?

Daily Dose of Decadence: Do you believe in Ghosts?:   by Becca Dale Do you believe in ghosts? Ever look at old photos and wonder if your ancestors are still around, clinging to the ear...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Christa after listening to her brother preach against hanging out alone with the new guy in the neighborhood.
"If you want the truth, I found him on the road several hours ago, and we’ve been having wild-bunny sex in his camper ever since. We did it on his bed and in his little bitty shower, and you should see what he can do on a table or against the wall.”
Kip’s right eye twitched as it always did when he’d gone too far. “You wouldn’t sleep with someone you just met.” 
“Did I say we slept? You must have misheard me."

Coming Soon - The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door from Decadent Publishing.
For more from Six Sentence Sunday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coming in Oct. The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door

 No cover to share yet though. Will post as soon as I see it. 

“Your electricity’s here…along with a welcoming party.” She gestured out the window at the packed truck.
He pushed the curtain aside to get a better view and then slid from the booth. “Come on then. Introduce me.”
Chris caught his hand as he reached for the door. “Jake.” She didn’t quite know how to explain her brothers to him, but he seemed to understand her predicament.
“What? They can’t be that bad.” The humor in his eyes made her relax.
“You haven’t met them yet. You may not think that when they grill you about your life. My brothers don’t always understand subtle or private.”
Jake leaned close and dropped a quick kiss on her cheek. “Shall we give them something to question me about?” His words came out husky and desire filled, but she could hear the underlying laughter.
For a moment she thought about calling his bluff, but the thought of a two hour lecture from Kip held her back. “I should say yes to watch you squirm, but I can’t do that to you. No one should have to fulfill a bluff in front of the boys. They’d eat you alive and ask for dessert.”
He opened the door to allow her to step down but caught her arm as she passed him and grinned. “I wasn’t bluffing,” he whispered before he turned her to face the others.
Laughing she shook off his hand and raced ahead. Just before she reached her brothers, she turned to walk backward. “Neither was I!”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daily Dose of Decadence: Funny Heroes – crazy sexy or just ridiculous?

Daily Dose of Decadence: Funny Heroes – crazy sexy or just ridiculous?: by Becca Dale Poll after poll declare that humor and intelligence are sexy. I agree whole heartedly. In fact, a combination of the two are...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Off the Keyboard | Award-Winning Author Sarah Grimm: Letting Characters Choose Their Path

Off the Keyboard | Award-Winning Author Sarah Grimm: Letting Characters Choose Their Path: Please help me welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author Becca Dale to the keyboard today.Welcome, Becca, take it away! Hello everyone. Thank...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Freewill - Western Escape: It’s a Free for All!

Freewill - Western Escape: It’s a Free for All!: Notice to all Herald Readers: Decadent Publishing is offering a teaser prior to the first Western Escape release coming next week. Unspoke...

Romancing The Pen Today: Sweet Restraint~Becca Dale

Romancing The Pen Today: Sweet Restraint~Becca Dale: As promised, Becca is back! Check out this hot follow up to Sweet Temptation, Sweet Restraint ! And she's giving away a copy to one lucky...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unspoken Promises

Now Available - I think

Decadent Publishing has a new Western Escape line and I am proud to have written a short little freebie to get things started - sort of a pre-launch appetizer. Ann Mayburn's Diamond Heart is the official kickoff and will be available Feb. 15th. If I understand it correctly, this will be offered as a gift with purchase but is available as a giveaway otherwise.

Isn't the cowboy a cutie? His name is Treynor and he's a Wyoming HP.


Billie Jensen hates liars and cheats. She’s spent her entire life watching her mother forgive the unforgivable with just a few words from a smooth-talking man. So different from her father, Officer Treynor Pandoah seems like everything Bille has ever wanted—quiet, solid, and truthful—until he snuggles up to another woman on Valentine’s Day. He says her eyes lied, but how can she trust a man who won’t share what’s in his heart?

Treynor’s done waiting for Billie to forgive him for something he didn’t do. A man shouldn’t have to explain himself to the woman he loves, but if he can’t find the words to take the tears from her eyes, he could lose her to Unspoken Promises.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Soon!

Savannah Jensen’s well-planned life offers everything a woman could want except a driving passion to override self-imposed rules. At twenty-nine, the clock isn’t screaming, but it has begun to tick loudly, so when a friend convinces her to attend a bridal blow-out sale, she’s not exactly excited about the reminder that she is alone, especially when a gorgeous man sweeps her into a sensual dance that threatens everything she has ever believed in.

Gavin Ferguson doesn’t believe love exists, but when he picks up the tuxedos for his sister’s wedding, fate, lust, and the family curse throw him a curve. Suddenly, he longs to convince the beautiful woman in ivory that she should be his—at least until he can sate the sexual fire she ignites. Yet, distrust born of disappointment and betrayal insists he protect his heart from the lie of perpetual happiness shining in her eyes.

Once Savannah and Gavin dance, raw desire, too hot to ignore, sweeps them toward insanity with nothing to cling to except sweet restraint.

From the Wild Rose Press
Available Feb 10

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The Romance Reviews