Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coming in Oct. The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door

 No cover to share yet though. Will post as soon as I see it. 

“Your electricity’s here…along with a welcoming party.” She gestured out the window at the packed truck.
He pushed the curtain aside to get a better view and then slid from the booth. “Come on then. Introduce me.”
Chris caught his hand as he reached for the door. “Jake.” She didn’t quite know how to explain her brothers to him, but he seemed to understand her predicament.
“What? They can’t be that bad.” The humor in his eyes made her relax.
“You haven’t met them yet. You may not think that when they grill you about your life. My brothers don’t always understand subtle or private.”
Jake leaned close and dropped a quick kiss on her cheek. “Shall we give them something to question me about?” His words came out husky and desire filled, but she could hear the underlying laughter.
For a moment she thought about calling his bluff, but the thought of a two hour lecture from Kip held her back. “I should say yes to watch you squirm, but I can’t do that to you. No one should have to fulfill a bluff in front of the boys. They’d eat you alive and ask for dessert.”
He opened the door to allow her to step down but caught her arm as she passed him and grinned. “I wasn’t bluffing,” he whispered before he turned her to face the others.
Laughing she shook off his hand and raced ahead. Just before she reached her brothers, she turned to walk backward. “Neither was I!”

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