Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Christa after listening to her brother preach against hanging out alone with the new guy in the neighborhood.
"If you want the truth, I found him on the road several hours ago, and we’ve been having wild-bunny sex in his camper ever since. We did it on his bed and in his little bitty shower, and you should see what he can do on a table or against the wall.”
Kip’s right eye twitched as it always did when he’d gone too far. “You wouldn’t sleep with someone you just met.” 
“Did I say we slept? You must have misheard me."

Coming Soon - The Millionaire and the Girl Next Door from Decadent Publishing.
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  1. LOL She really knows how to push her brother's buttons. Fabulous six, Becca! :)


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