Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet Heather Long

Please welcome the very talented Heather Long to Meet the Author Monday. 

Heather’s love affair with books began at a very young age. Taking journeys around the globe and across the stars were available with just the turn of the page. Her affection with the written word deepened as she got older. Becoming an author seemed a natural progression, she’s still courting the written word, but now she takes the lead on it.

Fun Facts about Heather

She writes in multiple genres including:
·        Military Romance (Always a Marine)
·        Contemporary Romance
·        Urban Fantasy (Earth Witches Aren’t Easy)
·        Paranormal Romance (Into the Spotlight)
·        Paranormal Historical Western Romance (Fevered Hearts)
·        Romantic Suspense (The Fortunate Buddha)
·        Erotic Romance (Forbidden Legacy)


At varying times in her history she dreamed of working as an investigative journalist, a clinical psychologist, a pilot, an astronaut, a teacher, and an attorney.  All of these contributed to her desire to write—she wanted to help others and touch lives as the books she read growing up touched hers.

She’s an animal enthusiast, and is often teased about her “straydar” for all the stray and lost dogs she’s found and either given a home to or returned to their owners (if she could find them).

She started a reader group called Fevered Fanatics on Facebook for her paranormal western historical romance series—which funnily enough began as an idea for a novella that has since grown to include four full-length titles with three more planned.

When it comes to her favorite books, it’s the characters that bring her back to read them over and over.

About Heather's Marines
Writing Always a Marine is the realization of two dreams—a series that lets her return again and again to familiar faces while focusing on the service of our men and women in arms.

Discover more about Heather and the Always a Marine series:

The eighth installment in the Always a Marine anthology in 1Night Stand (1NS)line for Decadent Publishing. 1Night Stand is the business name of an exclusive online dating service run by Madame Evangeline who provides her clients with a possibility of happily ever after or happily for now.


  1. I think you are an amazing author no matter what genre you right. All the best, Heather!

    Thanks for having her on your blog, Becca! :)

  2. Don't forget the Superhero romance!!! Love the information about Heather, she's one of my favorite authors.

    1. Sheri you are definitely one of my favorite readers! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Glad to know I am not alone in my admiration for Heather. Thanks for dropping by, ladies.


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