Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Amber Scot

The delightful Amber Scott has joined me today to share some interesting tidbits. Be sure to offer a comment or two so she knows you dropped by.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Scott

1. On two separate occasions, in two different airports, I missed seeing Richard Simmons sprint past me in his little shorts, entourage and all. Both times I was digging in my purse and everyone saw but me.

2. President George Bush smiled at me in a press conference. Really! I was sixteen, on a journalism conference trip and my aunt worked press at the white house. During a press conference as he scanned the room, talking, his gaze landed on me, grinning ear to ear and he smiled back.

3. I’m the middle child of five girls. My dad used to say, “I always wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women. I just didn’t know they’d be so short!”

4. I was about four years old when I first remember telling my mom I wanted to be a writer. The fact that she took me seriously, even then, is what helped keep my dream alive.

5. I love cats. Dogs, too, but I’m a total cat lady. Right now I’m in deep negotiations with my husband to get two cats. Our previous three did not like having kids in the house and had to be given to new, kid-free homes.

6. I adore the movie Hamlet 2 and think every writer should see it for one particularly oh so true and hilarious scene where the main character is struggling to write. I laugh to tears every time I see it.

7. I’m a brain book self help reading geek. I love reading about metaphysics and neuroscience. I think that real magic exists and it stems from harnessing the power of the human mind and spirit.

8. My book, Play Fling, has been chosen by the Indie Book Collective as the launch book for their new program Bestseller For a Day. This means I’ll have to leap outside of my comfort zone and ask for help from friends and strangers to drive Play Fling up the charts this Valentine’s Day. Eek and Wow!

9. I have a gazillion nicknames. It seems each sister and every friend likes to make their own up. Ambert, Albert, Amber-gini, Amby, Ambro, Ambesol, A-train, A-spice, Amberlina, Ambud, Am, Amburger, Amberguesa, Ambrosia, and the list goes on. My favorite? Whiplash. (I was learning how to drive a stick at the time.)

10. Adrian Grenier, who plays Vinny Chase in HBO’s Entourage, woos me in dreams. Flirting, whispering in my ear, hand holding. But, every time, I wake up before we get to anything good! Darnit!

Funny, Amber, and I love your cover. It is so hot! Thanks for dropping by. Anything else you want to share?

Blurb for Love Lust: Liv Starr craves...and dreads love. Her succubus hunger demands more than human lust for satiation, requiring love, as well. But long-term lust will enslave a human, annihilating who they are, condemning Liv to a perpetual cycle of loss. On the run from the incubus who created this curse, Liv and her best friend desperately hunt for a remedy. Meeting—needing—Justin Sharpe puts her life at risk. She'd rather starve than ruin him. Is death itself the only cure for her Love Lust?

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  1. LOVE it! I used to call my friend Amberguesa all the time! LOL

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