Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome Leanne Dyck

Hi Leanne, so glad you could join us today. Let’s start by getting to know you a bit. If you could put one thing that defines who you are in a time capsule, what would it be?

Wow, one thing to define who I am? That’s a hard question. Let me see, I just happen to have a pair of needles and if you click the end (demonstrating) they become pens. I think they’ll do.

After checking out your sites, I guess that will do indeed . ;-D You live in a gorgeous area. How did you come to be so blessed?

I had a close, loving relationship with my mother. Her death drove me into a depression. In search for a place for me to heal, my husband and I found Mayne Island. Now, if my dreams are fulfilled, I will never leave.

I am sorry about your loss, Leanne, but it sounds like some good came from the heartache. You are blessed both in living in a beautiful area and with a loving spouse. Here’s a tougher question. Why do you write?

Like eating and breathing, writing is something I have to do. Even when I have writer’s block I have to write about my inability to write.

LOL that makes perfect sense to me. I often feel the same way. I see that you work in different genres. Why is that and does the writing experience change for you within each?

I’m a cross genre reader and so, it’s only natural that I wouldn’t limit my writing to one genre. Yes, the writing experience does change drastically for me. My mood really does match the genre.

Among the different works you have published, do you have a favorite?

I’m so fickle. My favourite work is usually what I’m working on. Currently, I’m working on a young adult adventure (TURNING) and the sequel to THE SWEATER CURSE.

Can’t wait. The Sweater Curse is great. What has been the most difficult and/or the most rewarding part of publication? Has it been worth it?

One of the most rewarding parts is clicking the buy link and seeing my book appear.

One of the most challenging is marketing, but I’m meeting so many wonderful people that it’s becoming a joy. Wow, I never thought I would type that sentence.

I know the feeling. Now, back to getting to know you as the person behind the writing. Valentine’s Day is coming up next week. Any special plans?

A friend of mine is planning a fundraiser for a local animal rescue charity. I will perform with her on Friday, February 11th.

Animal rescue is one a fantastic causes. I hope you have a fun and successful evening. If you could go anywhere where/ would you go?

One thing on my mom’s bucket list was a trip to New Zealand. She never got to go. I liked to go in her stead.

That would be lovely. I have friends in both New Zealand and Australia so I would love to tag along. Before we call it a day, would you be so kind as to share an excerpt from your work with readers?

I’d be happy to. This the Prologue for the Sweater Curse…

This isn’t Heaven. It isn’t Hell. And I’m not alive.

Picture this: a bus stop, tons of people packed into the same small space all waiting to continue their journey. Many buses stop here. Some passengers get off, others get on. Young children with sickly white complexions huddle together in the shelter. Teenagers with rope burns around their necks get off the bus. Old men with bullet holes climb on.

Throughout this confusion, the only constant is me. I remain alone.


I don’t know, but I must find the reason. I must examine my life to discover the momentary lapse. The wrong I’ve committed. The task I’ve neglected. It’s my only means of escape.

That gets to me every time I read it, Leanne and I am sure others will be intrigued as well. How can fans find you?

Fans? Fans? I have fans. Really? Wow.

Okay, I just gave my head a shake and I’m back from dreamland. Everyone is welcome to my cozy little part of cyberspace. Please visit my website ( and I’d be thrilled if you left a comment on my blog (

It does take a little getting used to. Even after several years I still jump up and down when I hear from readers. Any thing I forgot to ask about that you would like to share?

A few months ago I was a struggling unpublished writer wondering if any house would ever take a chance on me. I’d like to thank everyone involved in making THE SWEATER CURSE happen—especially my readers and Decadent Publishing.

Thank you, as well, Rebecca, for interviewing me—this was fun.

I agree. I am gald you dropped by, Leanne, and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


  1. Just in case anyone was wondering, Becca, those were knitting needles. : )
    It was a delight visiting your blog and I do look forward to a return visit.
    All the best,

  2. LOL - I got that, Leanne, but I suppose anyone who has not been to your sites might not. Thanks for clarifying.


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