Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let’s Hear it for the Boys. Day Two of Freak Week.

The Freak Sorority is a free short story series by Stephanie Beck. Find out more about the sorority, Freak Week and Stephanie at www.stephaniebeck.net

In most romance novels the leading ladies are blessed with men with ripped abs, sexy accents and in possession of sexual prowess to shame ninety percent of regular men.

The men of the Freak Sorority women....yeah, sure they have all of those things. Here’s a rundown on the men. For their full stories, check out their stories at www.stephaniebeck.net under the Freak Sorority tab.
James the Vampire: Immortal vampire, born in the 1700’s to a family of vampires. Outdated on many things, the suave, sexy nightclub owner has redeeming moments...once in a while.

Pete the Human: Very human grocery store owner, Pete was given the name ‘Bricker’ by his wife Pammy while they were still in high school. His down to earth mortality brings fragility, compassion and humor to the supernatural group he’s joined out of love for Pammy.

Sam the Werewolf: Fuzzy Werewolf from the Haven Pack in Pennsylvania, Sam transplanted to New York City. Running into Katie Myters, a member of his pack and also a member of the Freak Sorority was a giant bonus. Playing soccer and hanging out with the boys helps him deal with being without his regular pack.

Nick the Sainted Immortal: Sainted in the 1400’s, St. Nick finds himself very busy every winter, especially in December. When he’s not readying toys and making lists, he’s enamored with Rachel, the succubus branch of the Freak Sorority. He’s been known to dress in ridiculous costumes and go to the extreme to make Rachel happy-and the Freak Sorority loves him for it.

So, let’s hear it for the boys of Freak Week!!!
Nick and Sam will be on Facebook today answering questions and hanging out. James might stop by, but who knows, he’s kind of an ass about things like this. You can chat up Pete on Thursday with Pammy.

*All correct answers will be ‘hatted’ and then chosen blindly. Duplicate answers by different commenters are okay, but try to be original when possible. (Answers will be accepted until 10:00 PM Central Standard on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011). Winners will be announced here and posted on www.stephaniebeck.net at the end of the contest day.

*How did Pete get his nickname (hint: check in “Hunting Canned Cranberries at www.stephaniebeck.net under the Freak Sorority tab—the story is short and totally worth the read).

*Name one professional soccer team (any will do).

*Share an embarrassing moment in which you could have used one of the Freak Boys to help you out.  i.e. James’ vampire super powers, Sam’s werewolf strength, Nick’s ingenuity and charm, Pete’s...access to fresh produce.

***Three winners will be chosen from Tuesday’s answers***
 so get your answers in and tell your friends to stop by!  
(if you  have troubles commenting, please email answers to stephaniebeckauthor@gmail.com )


  1. Welcome, to Steph and the boys. Don't forget to go hunting while you're here.

  2. Just came by to Support my girls but As pro soccor hmmhmm Football how about Manchester United.

    ANd There is enough dirt on my out on the web I don't need to voluntarily add to it LOL

    Happy Freak Week ;)

  3. *Nick* I know very well you've been a good girl this year, Dominique :)
    Happy Freak Week!


  4. Hello! Day 2, yay!
    1. Was he called Bricker because he was a loser in school and was short?
    2. Barcelona Football Club
    3. Embarressing moment..I have a lot of those. :) Ok, for starters, im clumsy and im bad at watching where im going. My senior year of high school, we had an assembly for the high school students and parents. I was headed towards our auditorium while reading a book (go figure) and i wasnt paying attention. Our assembly doors are heavy metal and in between these two doors is a metal bar. Can you see where im going with this? I walked right into the bar and smacked my head. So embarrassing. Everyone seen and laughed, I was harrassed about it for the rest of the day. I would have loved to have disappeared. lol

  5. *Sam*
    Pete was called Bricker...because of his fear of using public rest rooms (head over and read the Freak Sorority Shorts on Steph's page--good times will be had by all)

    I am a personal fan of the Spanish futball clubs.

    And it sounds like you could have used James-that vampire sucker can go through doors...probably would have helped you out with that.

    You're entered into the contest Shadow! Thanks for stopping in...and I hope you learned your lesson about doors--the bastards have a way of moving---never trust them :)

    Happy Freak Week

  6. 1. Afraid of public restrooms?
    2. Los Angeles Galaxy
    3. wow. well i wish i had a embarrassing story, but i dont. but at least i answered the other two.

  7. dang. is it too late to change my answer? lol and unfortunately i didnt learn my lesson. i ran into that bar one other time, at least there weren't as many people around. just a few friends and they died laughing. and to add to the list, my parents installed a glass screen door and i walked into it twice in one night. *sigh* i think the doors jump out at me. lol

  8. *Nick* Well done Bitzi! Our dear friend Pete does have his pesky fear of public restrooms...we worry about him.

    @Shadow, don't worry about the change-you'll have two correct ones to add to the hat drawing-but do be careful about doors! :)

    Happy Freak Week!

  9. 1. Fear of public restrooms
    2. Philadelphia Union
    3. I have a terrible fear of needles. I require being held down to have blood drawn and get shots and I ALWAYS end up making a scene in the lab whether I'm practically passing out or just scaring everyone around me by screaming my head off. I could really use Sam's Werewolf strength to fight off all those needle-bearers so that they can't get me!!!

  10. *Sam* I also happen to hate needles and would be happy to fight them off :) You're entered into the contest for tonight. Make sure you check back after 10:00 CST or at www.stephaniebeck.net to find out if you've won!

    Happy Freak Week!

  11. 1 afraid of using public restrooms
    2 New York Red Bulls
    3 this just happened 2 months ago . I was at a friends house on the lake for a bbq with so many other people . I was carrying out a cake for dessert and stumbled and plop the cake was a crossed my chest and then if that wasn't bad enough as I pulled back looking in horror at my caked wear I slid and fell into the lake . the ability to float on air would have been a party saver that day

  12. *Nick*
    That is an amazingly horrible story. Poor woman. I think of all of us, you'd be better off with Bricker. He has novelty t's at his grocery store, he'd have had you re-dressed and with a new cake without breaking a sweat.

    You're entered in the contest for today :)

    Happy Freak Week

  13. Contest is Closed a/o 10:00 PM

    Winners-please email Stephanie at stephaniebeckauthor@gmail.com for prize details.

    Jaimee M.
    Tammy P.
    Suzannah M.

    Thanks for playing everyone! Tomorrow we'll be at Daily Dose of Decadence. If you haven't already entered the Scavenger Hunt, get busy and email Steph for your score card!

    Happy Freak Week!!


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