Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen - An independent release

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The Weekend Dirty Dozen.
   He lifted his chocolate gaze before he blew softly over the sensitive folds, so eager for his kiss.
   Shifting her hips, she instinctively reached for the man she’d secretly loved for too long. His wicked smile flashed, but he did not move closer. “Just killing time, or are you planning to do something while you’re down there, crazy man?”
   “Thinking about it.” His grin broadened and his fingers feathered over her heated skin, teasing but never really touching. “Why? Did you have something in mind?”
   She groaned. If he didn’t touch her soon, she’d lose it before they even began. “You were showing me why you want me, remember?”
   “I was, wasn’t I?”

Distrustful of life and love, Gabriel Rivers looks for a fight everywhere he goes, but he prefers Micki’s Bar where the tequila is aged and the dumb asses are plentiful. The eye candy provided by the bar owner is simply a distracting bonus that soothes the ever present rage. Mick’s curves and snarky comments offer a contentment, longed for yet forbidden.

For five years Michaela Neal has watched her friend attempt to self-destruct, yanking his gorgeous butt from the fire and bandaging his wounds as needed. When she finally gives into her desires and offers herself to Gabe’s dark-eyes and rough hands, she never expects him to hurt her despite his cynical outlook.

Pain and misunderstanding drive a wedge between Gabe and the one perfect thing in his life. Can he summon the courage to cast off wrath’s comforting cloak and embrace happiness before fate takes away his options?

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  1. her what you want and what she craves- great excerpt



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