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Kacey Hammell’s Roller-Coaster Writing Reality…

Hey everyone, please welcome Kacey Hammell to Meet the Author Monday! Kacey, please tell us a little about yourself and your writing. 

Many know I’m a Mom of three – two teens and one pre-teen – wife, daughter, cattle farmer & sometimes a Jane-of-all-trades type gal.
But I run a lot deeper than that, and am open to sharing more about myself, but it’s difficult to be vulnerable. That’s one of my biggest fears to be honest…being vulnerable. Odd thing to say for an author, isn’t it, considering many authors are vulnerable with each new release. And with each new release, the craziness really begins …
IMO, waiting to hear from readers/reviewers about a story is a roller-coaster, and sharing that baby and exposing oneself up to criticism makes an author vulnerable. I like to think I’m calm, cool and collected whenever I send a book out for submission or a new story releases, but to be honest, I feel like I’m standing in front of the classroom back in high school or a room full of peers expected to make a great speech—not a situation I’d ever like to find myself in.
I pace a lot. Even when I know there are going to be no reviews or reader feedback that first day, I still pace and stalk Amazon, Goodreads and other distributors and drive myself—and my husband—crazy. And even when I know in the back of mind I’ll find nothing for a few days at least, then I panic because there are none and think no one likes the story! Yep, a roller-coaster ride on full throttle. And it’s a vicious cycle with every new book! But I can’t seem to help myself, it’s like this self-conscious, paranoid, and nervous-nelly (my Mom’s fave term LOL) takes over me.
And in reality, bad reviews don’t phase me – again it’s odd – but I stalk bookseller sites for reviews and if I receive one and it’s not the greatest, I usually laugh it off and move on. I was a reviewer once, for many years. I understand that every person has their own opinions on what makes a great story, what works for them and what doesn’t, so for me to worry over things like that makes me want to pull my hair out. Reviews are important to our business yes, but for the most part (IMO) they don’t make or break an author/story. A lot of readers don’t spend time reading reviews – personally I don’t unless it is an author I’ve never read before and then again, I pull apart those thoughts/comments a bit in order to decipher what facts I find important – but most readers consider the blurb/excerpt/cover before they consider what a reviewer has to say.
All in all, I dislike being so vulnerable, but it’s the type of business I’m in. I signed up for it, I love it immensely, but the crazy makes my head spin. Sometimes I wish I drank alcohol more than 2-3 times a year. Maybe I should find a nice wine, whiskey or tequila for each new release to indulge in. LOL  Considering I hope to have at least 5-6 more releases this year if all goes well – that seems a bit much to me. Of course, since I drink so rarely, 2-3 glasses of wine make me giggle… ROFL
But with all the craziness comes great satisfaction of a job well done, characters I absolutely love, author peers who give me a shoulder to lean on every now and again, and a wonderful group of loyal readers who fill my heart with so much joy I can’t even begin to describe it exactly. 
So I’ll just ride the roller-coaster of crazy and enjoy every minute of it…

Too funny and too true, Kacey. I am much the same when waiting to hear what readers think. It is a very vulnerable time as I worry and wonder if everyone will love my characters as much as I have grown to. However, with reviews like this, I don't think you need worry ~

"If you're looking for some erotica that has emotional depth, you'll definitely want to check out the book." Carly - Amazon Reader Review: 5 Stars

“Hammell did a masterful job creating a story that was an equal measure of sweet and oh-so-sexy.” 4 Stars, The Book Chick with Kick

Sweetest Salvation
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Light Bondage
Content Warning: Contains Voyeurism, Spanking, Multiple Partners
ISBN: 978-1-77130-330-9
Available at Evernight Publishing / (and more links below)
*An Evernight Publishing Editor’s Pick*

 Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013

“Mr. Sullivan is waiting for you. He said you’d know where to go.” He smiled and winked.
Cheeks on fire, she gave him a small nod and walked ahead. She moved into the bar area and looked around. The place was packed tonight.
There were a few people she recognized, but most were new faces. Hunter’s business was certainly thriving.
Bridget caught sight of her and waved. Andy did the same and turned to the left, down the hall that would take her to room fourteen and Hunter.
Movement caught the corner of her eye, and she looked to her right. At a table in the far corner, Paige and Nolan sat with another couple. She missed a step, but gained her balance again. She hadn’t thought about seeing them again. Paige waved and her husband smiled bright.
The couple’s kindness and understanding arced across the room. Andy smiled and waved back. They’d been there for her the other night. She’d be forever grateful for it.
Reaching the room, she took a deep breath and knocked. Hearing Hunter’s gruff, “Come in,” she turned the knob.
The room, similar to the one she’d used the other night, had a warmer feel to it. The fireplace ablaze, the heat of it welcomed her.
Andy’s gaze swept the room. Furnished with a full living room set, she loved the royal purple and black colors of the furniture and curtains than anything else. This room conveyed privacy and self-indulgence. Her heart rate increased just thinking of all that might have been done in this room.
It was made for sex. Especially with a glass display case that took up the most of wall. Inside were dildos, anal plugs, collars, floggers, cock rings and more toys of pleasure.
Andy’s gaze landed on Hunter where he sat in the center of the couch, arms stretched over the back of it.
“Hi, sweetheart.”
Her gaze narrowed on his and she shut the door behind her. “Don’t you sweetheart me, Hunter. And get that look off your face.”
“What look?”
“That self-righteous look. I might be here, but not for the reasons you think.”
“Then why are you here?” he questioned, his gaze unwavering.
“I wanted to tell you in person that your idea isn’t going to happen. We’ve been… friends too long. You’re Patrick’s best friend. It’s all kinds of wrong.”
He leaned forward, arms resting on his powerful thighs. His red t-shirt molded his shoulders and the cuffs of the arms looked snug around his biceps. Damn him for being in such great shape.
She shivered, nipples tightening. She needed to get away from him.
“There, I’ve said all I have to say. Goodbye,” she muttered, and turned back toward the door.
Hunter was quickly behind her, arms encasing her as his palms pressed against the door and preventing her retreat.
His breath was warm against her ear. Andy wished she’d left her hair down. At least she wouldn’t be able to feel his breath on her neck.
A shudder ran through her. “Let me out, Hunter. I need to leave.”
“Why? You were so desperate to remain a member and be here the other night. I’m simply offering a safer solution. Me instead of strangers,” he rasped against her ear.
“I don’t have to worry about much with strangers. At least they aren’t people I have to see after the sex is over.”
Hunter pressed in closer behind her, which pushed her farther against the door. She’d always been claustrophobic. And right now, being caged in by this man, made it even harder to breathe than if she was locked in a closet. His chest was firm against her, his mouth against her ear, and his hoarse voice soft.
Her thighs rubbed together and her clit chafed against her thong. The string along her ass was snug. All she had to do was turn around and take what he offered. She wanted a cock inside her.
Dear lord, this was Hunter.
Could she step over the invisible line and take what he offered?
He was attractive, always had been to her. Hell, she’d only been married, not dead. She appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw him.
Hunter always treated with her respect and friendship. She didn’t know how much he dated but had heard women at the club mention his prowess in the bedroom. He could probably give her everything she needed. There would be a sense of safety with him at least.
And her body’s reaction to him today, while surprising, knew what it wanted. While she was sure it was a bad idea for them to journey down this path, she was overwhelmed by the sudden realization that not just any cock would do.
She wanted Hunter. Wanted only him inside her.
Her breath hitched and her lungs filled, making it hard to breathe. No, she didn`t have the courage to give into this man.
She needed to get out of this room and away from him. Grabbing the doorknob once more, Andy yanked.
Hunter’s palms never moved from the door, but in her hasty movements, his chest aligned tighter against her back.
Pressed against the door, she turned her head, her right cheek resting on it as her breasts pushed against her bra. The hard surface scraped against her clothing, which abraded her nipples. The urge to purr and rub against the wood was overwhelming.
Hunter’s body pressed against her; the cock cradling her ass told her that he was just as affected as she. His length was hard, solid. His hips dipped and shoved against the crack of her ass.
“Andy,” he whispered in her ear.
She closed her eyes, willed herself to push back against him until he let her go.
Her eyes opened when she realized her hips moved against his. Her pussy quivered and her stomach clenched. There was no sense in fighting a losing battle. She wanted him.

After the deaths of her husband and child, tragedies that she blames herself for, Andrea “Andy” Sheaver has shut herself off from the world. The only place she finds any relief from her shattered heart is Club Splendor, where she and her husband often frequented together.  There, Andy submits to pleasure and pain in situations so her grief is forgotten for a little while.

But Hunter Sullivan won’t stand idly by and watch Andy self-destruct. A friend of her husband, and the owner of Club Splendor, Hunter has kept his love for Andy hidden for years. He refuses to think of her at the club, cold and detached as she’s become, looking for an easy fix to take away the pain in her heart.  Hunter wants her to vibrant in life again and sets out to prove he is exactly who she needs.

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Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

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  1. Love your stories, Kacey! And I totally understand how nerve-wracking it can be while waiting for those first reviews to come in. All the best!

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