Monday, July 1, 2013

Introducing Canadian erotic romance author, Paige Bennett.

Welcome Paige. Glad to have your naughty self here today :-) Readers please note the contest at the bottom of the page so you don't miss out.

Thanks Becca, for inviting me to visit your blog. My name is Paige Bennett and I write interracial and BBW erotic romance for Phaze Books ( , and more mainstream erotica and erotic romance for Cambridge Press US ( . Dubbed  The Mistress of Titillation, I write hot stories for those who dare, but always keeping in mind the romance of the tale.

In another guise, I’ve been writing contemporary romance and paranormal romance for a dozen years and have a good following there. But as my Paige bio says, “fearing the shock her smoking hot erotica would be to the constitution of her beloved elderly mother, she prefers to keep her real identity under wraps...kind of like a superhero, but not.”

I have several short stories and novellas with Phaze, my last release being An Appetite for Seduction.

Quinn Foster is a restaurant critic with a discerning palate for fine food, and an equally discerning eye for the beauty of African American chef Jameka Rollins. A deliberate mix up of a review for Jameka's restaurant, The Bayou Bistro, causes some severe misunderstandings between the two singles.

Helping this mix-up along is a work rival of Quinn's, Stan Turner. Jealous of Quinn's success and status at work, and of his growing romance with the lovely Jameka, Stan sets out with a plan to discredit Quinn and win Jameka away from the man. But as is the way with best laid plans, they often go awry, and can, in fact, get down right dangerous. Despite his best efforts, Quinn and Jameka find their way to each other, and that's when things get really interesting!

Coming this summer, also from Phaze, is my new IR novella, Hot for the Handyman. This is my first story with a more mature heroine and a younger man.

Fifty-three year old widow Yvetta Phelps is lonely. She had a great marriage with her late husband, and put her own life on hold after his death three years prior, but now she realizes that she misses the intimacy of a relationship with a man and needs to move forward.

Enter, Ray Cameron, the young attractive handyman she's hired to build a deck on the back of her house. From the first moment they meet, the sexual tension is thick between them. Ray prefers the company of mature women and thinks Yvetta is the most beautiful woman he's ever met. Yvetta is likewise smitten, but fights the attraction due to her fears around their age difference and what people will think, most especially her twenty-six year old daughter, Tanisha.

Inevitably, they succumb to their attraction and spend a transformative night together, but it only fuels Yvetta's self doubt, and she almost loses Ray as a result. It takes forgiveness, and an understanding heart (and steaming hot sex) to bring the two of them back together.

And I can’t forget my wonderful publisher at Cambridge Press US.  I’m doing something a little different there. I have a series of “mini-collections”, entitled The Hottest Heat. Quick reads, each very affordable mini-collection contains three hot shorts which are guaranteed to get your blood pressure rising (nudge nudge, wink wink!).  Volumes One and Two are available now, with Volume Three due in September.

My website is  where you can read excerpts, get the latest Paige news, and find out where to buy my books.

And you can contact me at

Let’s have some fun now. Until the end of July, everyone who leaves a comment at my blog, or signs my guest book at my website will have their name put into a draw for a signed copy of my book An Appetite for Seduction.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


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