Friday, October 1, 2010

Two o'clock Discussion

Although Jess does not act the negative image of a cougar (an older woman waiting to pounce on a sweet, unsuspecting younger man), Surrender at Sea is still considered cougar romance. So the question of the hour is -- Are terms like cougar, in comparison to say the male equivalent of sugar daddy, derogative to women or are they in actuality a compliment? Can the word be empowering? Does the image of a strong, beautiful, and confident woman like Demi Moore sway the term to the positive and outweigh the idea of women in their forties and older being on the prowl? I have included a couple posts which debate the two sides of this issue if you would care to read them before you answer.


  1. I just don't think I have an opinion on that. I certainly don't think of a cougar as bad. A sugar daddy implies uglier things I think. If cougars were called, say, mamas with money, that wouldn't be so nice.


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