Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Joanne Stewart.

It is Meet the Author Monday and my guest today is fellow Wild Rose Press author JM Stewart. Ms. Stewart is a dynamic and interesting young author and I am pleased she could join us. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of Staking His Claim.

Hi, JM, it is good to have you here today. Since this is Meet the Author Monday, would you tell everyone a little about yourself?

--Hi Rebecca! Thanks for having me. About me, hmm... Well I'm from the Washington state, the great northwest, been writing for over ten years. Married for fourteen years now to my very own hero and have two boys.

Wow, fourteen years. In today’s world that is a lifetime. Congratulations. So with all the things that come with being the mother of two boys, what draws you to write contemporary romance?

--Honestly, it's just natural for me. First story I sat down to write years ago just came out that way. I like to read the occasional historical or paranormal, but I can't write them. Contemporary is what I love. I like getting lost in someone else's world and I find it more enjoyable when it's a fantasy I can actually imagine happening. As much as I love historicals, I'll never live in historical times, for example.

That makes perfect sense. So who are some of your favorite authors?

--My all time favorite is Diana Gabaldon. She has a way with characters that awes me. They're so real I expect to meet them somewhere someday, and she manages to take historical accuracy and draw a world that becomes real.

Other favorites, just off the top of my head...Karen Templeton, because I just love her voice and the emotional depth and realness she puts in her characters. Fellow TWRP author Beth Trissel is a new favorite. I adored her characters and the emotional depth of her books. So is Monique DeVere, for her emotional depth as well.

All very noteworthy authors, I agree. I have no doubt you will be on someone’s favorite list someday yourself. I see on from your site that you have some news concerning the Playboy’s Baby. Would you care to share?

--Sweet of you to ask! It was requested by Susan Litman with Silhouette Special Edition. She's had it for...well, middle of this month will be five months now (nope, I'm not counting. lol) Keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call!

How exciting! I would be counting the days too. So far we have covered some fairly general information about you, so let’s shift gears to a topic that is a little more fun. If you had to describe yourself as a fruit or a vegetable, what would you be and why?

--Hmmm, that's a tough one. Maybe a pineapple—sunny and sweet, but with a tough outer shell? Or maybe an onion (slightly round but with lots of layers, tends to be sweet when cooked just right). Hehe. That's a hard one!

Too funny, JM. Anything else you would like to share today?

--only that I love to get email from readers. please feel free to contact me!

How can readers find your books and more information about you?

--I try to keep my website up to date:

--and my blog:

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  1. What a fun interview. I'm with you, Joanne. I love to read other genres of romance like historical and paranormal, but I'm better at writing contemporary.

    Good luck with Playboy Baby. That's exciting news!!!!

  2. Thanks for the congrats Linda! And thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a great interview, ladies! Joanne - I prefer the description of a pineapple for you. I'm afraid I've watched Shrek too many times and remembered him describing ogres as onions with layers when he was talking to Donkey. You're definitely NOT an ogre! You're a sunny, talented author! Best of luck to you!

  4. Hehe. Too funny Maeve. Thank you very much. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Good luck with your submission--I know it's so hard to wait for an editor sometimes! Nice to get to know you a little better.

    New TWRP author Alana Lorens

  6. Thanks Alana! And thanks for stopping by!

  7. Diana Gabaldon is my all time favorite author!
    She inspired me...

  8. Mary--she inspires me too. I inspire to write half as good as her. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi Becca!
    LOVE the new backround!
    Hi Joanne!
    My fingers are crossed that you hear from Susan soon and that it's good news. Oh, and don't put me in for a copy of Joanne's book. I already have it!!!

  10. Thanks, Wendy! And thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thanks to everyone who stopped by this week! I had my son draw names out of a hat, so it would be fair (I'm new at this, does it show?!) and the winner of a copy of my book was Linda Kage. Congratulations, Linda! thanks again to everyone for stopping by and a special thanks to Becca for having me.


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