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Meet Serenity King

 “Writing, Reading, and the Holidays”

As most of us know the holidays are just around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of the year. I love cooking and spending time with my family and many relatives. We have a joyous time from Thanksgiving into the New Year. As a writer I have to write whenever my muse is ready and willing to cooperate and that may mean I have to set some time aside for my writing even during the holiday season.

I usually take Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off and spend the majority of the day on Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family and use the night to write. By this time everyone’s either gone home or doing his or her own thing.

I can’t stay away from my writing for too long…I lose focus and it becomes hard to get back into the swing of things.

Someone asked me how I handle my writing during the holidays. Do I take time off, or do I keep going?” Authors, how do you handle your writing around the holidays? Do you usually take some time off, or do you keep going? Readers, do you read more during the holiday season or less? Do you find yourself spending more money on books during the holidays? What do you buy more of, print or e-books? Do you purchase for self, as gifts, or both? Answer one or all of the questions for a chance at a $10 gift certificate to Beautiful Trouble Publishing.


Blog and Hot Except from Simply Beautiful (Rate R :-D)

A defense attorney working for Cameron, Cameron & LaSalle, P.C., Alisha Carrington, hasn’t dated anyone since she was betrayed by her fiancé. Too afraid to risk her heart again, she has vowed to dedicate her life to building her career. Unbeknownst to Alisha, she has caught the eye of two very powerful men, Tristan Cameron and James Langston.

Tristan is more than a drop-dead gorgeous attorney. Undercover for the FBI, he has been using his family’s law practice in Atlanta as his front. Although he loves women, his undercover work is just too dangerous for him to commit to one woman. Summoned to New York by his brother, Tristan comes face-to-face with the one woman who can make him rethink his vows against commitment—Alisha. He’s tried to resist his attraction to the sexy African-American for years, but when Alisha’s life is threatened, he vows to keep her safe…and the powers-that-be help them both.

**R excerpt**

Alisha got up also, “I’ll come back when you get back, Bran—”

“Sit down, Alisha, please,” Tristan said, his temper rising again.

She responded by sucking her teeth. “Whatever,” she said and proceeded to follow Brandon out the door, but Tristan was too quick for her.

“I don’t think so, Beauty,” he said coming up behind her and pulling her back against his frame and locking his arm securely around her waist, preventing her escape. “Let’s talk. Please.”

Pulled against the tight confines of Tristan’s rock hard body a moan slipped from her lips. Not only did he look good, but damn he felt good too. He was gentle, yet firm, in his hold on her.

Alisha’s entire body went on full alert at first contact with his. Her nipples pebbled against the silkiness of her demi bra. For once she was grateful that she had on a jacket. There was no doubt in her mind that Tristan had felt her body’s reaction to his closeness, and from the growing bulge nestled against her ass, she knew she was getting to him also.

“Hold on, Beauty,” Tristan said. “Brandon, we’re straight here.”

“Alisha, you sure you’re okay?” Brandon asked.

“Of course. I can handle your brother, Brandon,” Alisha replied.

“Okaay,” Brandon said, smiling and shaking his head as he went to open the door to his office.

As Brandon opened the door, Tristan kept his hold on Alisha, simply spinning her around and turning her in his arms and out of the view of the open doorway. “We don’t want to give the office anything else to gossip about, do we, Beauty?” Tristan said.

Brandon rolled his eyes. “You have one hour, Tris, two tops. After that, you’re on your own and I want my damn office back.” Brandon quit the room, closing the door behind him.

“You can let go of me now,” Alisha said, looking up into Tristan’s face.

“Can I, Beauty?” he said with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t think that I can, actually,” he said, knowing in his heart of hearts that he meant it literally. He pulled her more closely into his embrace and swooped down to take her mouth. “Open,” he said. Alisha’s mouth opened on his command. He was taking her mouth with a hunger that was reserved for her only. Never had he felt anything remotely like this with any other women. His mouth mated with hers as would any man claiming his woman. Before Alisha knew what was happening, Tristan had deftly divested her of her jacket, tossing it across the room and onto the leather couch. He pulled her blouse out of the confines of her skirt with both hands, then slipped his hand underneath her bra cup and grasped the full globes in the palms of his hands. He massaged her breasts from the base of the round mound to her long, hard, erect nipples, pulling gentle on the nipples.

Alisha thought she would die from the sensation as their tongues continued their mating dance and his fingers continued giving her nipples pleasure never known before. Her already soaked panties got wetter as her cream seeped from her vagina onto her barely-there thong.

As their tongues mated, something jolted through Tristan. He knew that this was one woman that he had no intention of letting go. Yes, Ms. Alisha Carrington was his full mother-fucking stop. He would kill anyone and anything that tried to come between him and this woman. He had never laid claim to any woman before, but he knew without a shadow of a doubt, as soon as she walked her fine self into Brandon’s office, that she was going to be his.

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Happy Holidays!


  1. DELISH!! So perfect a read for the holidays!

  2. I second what Bookdiva said and I love the hotness... I think it is so true Se that you have to take that time off during the holidays to stop writing and just enjoy the time of the year. Sometimes that is possible and sometimes it isn't.

    I am glad that you are making the time to spend with your family though, and to still manage to bring us the heat that you do in your books. Keep up the good job girl!

  3. when you take care of yourself
    you tend to write heroines who take care of themselves and interract with heroes who treat them accordingly.

    good stuff

  4. @ Bookdiva: Thank you so much! Enjoy!

    @ Nevea: Thank you. You are correct sometimes it's just not possible to not write. I love the holiday and am trying to pass down traditions to my children. Family is very important to me.

    @ BTP: So true. So so true. That's why I love BTP books. Thank you.

  5. Hi Se,

    Awesome interview! Yes, I take time out to spend with my daughters, cook, and travel to family members' homes. I think everyone should do this, we all need breaks and the holidays come only once a year, so take advantage of it!

  6. Thanks for posting, Charisma! I so agree with you.

  7. The 3 F's are very important around the holidays. However, I can't be too far away from a good book or I'll go into withdrawals. I always have a nice bedtime story.


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