Friday, November 11, 2011

Weedend Dirty Dozen

Available Now - Heart Desires 
Warning Explicit Language
“You’ll have to be my eyes.” Cupping her right breast in his palm, he circled the tip with his thumb. “What color are your nipples?”

Going without a bra had been a really bad idea. The thin cotton of her T-shirt provided little barrier between her sensitive flesh and his calloused fingers. Her nipples puckered uncomfortably taut. “Do you really expect me to answer that?”

“Yes. Unless you’d rather I pulled back the blanket and took a peek myself.” His hand slipped away and tugged at the hem of her shirt, pushing it upward in tiny increments that did not disturb their covering. “Tell me their size, too. Do they cover the tops of your sweet little tits or are they tiny like chocolate kisses made to melt in a man’s mouth?”


Blurb: Devlynn Connors doesn’t trust her own ability to find a man who isn’t a control freak, but when she turns her future over to her friends and Madame Eve, she fears nothing will change.

When he flies to Las Vegas for a 1Night Stand hook-up, First Lieutenant Stephan Erikson isn’t looking for love. He’s looking to appease his sister’s fear that he will end up alone. A man can do anything for one night, right?

Can Madame Eve overcome misinformation and misperceptions or will Devlynn and the Lieutenant go home alone?

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