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Meet Sultry Summers

Everyone, please welcome, Sultry Summers to Meet the Author Monday. Welcome, Sultry. Nice to have you here.
Thank you, Becca, for inviting me! Let me say, nice to meet y’all! Yes, I live in the south, but not as far south as I use to. Actually, now I live in more the south ‘proper’. That is, in North Carolina up in the mountains. This is big change from where I grew-up, in Central West Florida, and lived in East South Florida for 23 years before moving up to the rainforests of the Smoky Mountains. I’m adjusting to the climate change and I love it here. It is a great deal greener, more wildlife, and the season change is dynamic. This is a wonderful place to write, paint, take photographs or do whatever your heart desires, except possibly surf. Of course, there is kayaking, and whitewater rafting and that is a real thrill.
I’ve found my imagination takes flight here. Going in so many directions I have difficulties focusing at times. But since my favorite axiom is Imagination is the first step of Escapism, I guess I’m in the right place. So, come along in one of my adventures I’ve committed to pen and Escape Into Romance – Dare Imagination with me.

If you dare, my last book out is ATLANTIS VORTEX, this romance is also a dynamic adventure full of intrigue and action.
Instead of going back to Atlantis, Jessica Carter, a newly graduated, but experience archaeologist finds an ancient entrance to that fabled civilization. Her discovery, eventually, unlocks the mystery of who saved her in a scuba diving several years earlier. Jessica’s unearthing the entrance comes at a high price. As she digs further into the strange pyramid she has found, her life becomes more imperiled. Strangely, the man whose aquamarine eyes sits well ensconced in her subconscious, yet she cannot fully remember, appears to save her.
Xerxes Kallias, High Lord of Atlantis, now a city-state that thrives under pressure-domes beneath the Atlantic Ocean, has watched Jessica since he saved her. Now she has discovered the ancient entrance to his realm and poses a high security risk to Atlantis’ discovery. Xerxes must decide the fate of the woman he has loved from afar. Have her executed, or bring her to Atlantis. Well that decision is a no brainer. Getting her there and maintaining the secret existence of Atlantis with a traitor trying to reveal it from within his ruling council, that’s a different matter. Especially when this traitor has upper-world contacts and plans on compromising the protection grid that covers Atlantis from the orbiting satellites and the other prying eyes of modern technology. Add into this mix, the United States’ Military, a group of crazed Aztecs who believe Jessica is a prophesied sacrifice to their god Tlaloc, and you got ‘a know, Xerxes has his hands full. Poor man, this is before Jessica has remembered who he is, and before he gets her to the safety of Atlantis. This only the beginning. ATLANTIS VORTEX isn’t a short story, but a full length novel you can sink your teeth in. 

Please check on my web site for more information and several excerpts!

Next, due out in June is BLOOD OF THE RUBY THRONE. Let’s go into outer-space together and to another galley and solar system. Two neighboring worlds, populated by the same race of people only three generations apart, but they aren’t on the best of terms. A roving group of space pirates are approaching their solar system with hopes of conquering both worlds for their own. Only a marriage between the two worlds of their royalty can unite them against these invaders.
Romance, space pirates, spies and murder unfold with a healthy dose of a mysticism, an empowered sword, and thrones that mysteriously change into rubies. However, in my books, love does win out – so far.
Web pages on BLOOD OF THE RUBY THRONE will go up sometime this week so check back.

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  1. Thanks Becca for the space on your blog to allow my readers to "meet" me.


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